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District II Cup History

The District II Spring Cup is unlike any other youth soccer competition in Northern California. Each year, through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, the District II Spring Cup brings together boys' and girls' competitive and sometimes recreational teams from ages U8 - U19 for  a weekend of fun to wrap up the Spring season.
The District II Spring Cup has grown to be an enormous event. Annually, 400 to 500 teams participate in this event - making the District II Spring Cup one of the largest Spring youth soccer competitions in CYSA, and one of the largest in California.
The District II Spring Cup has two primary purposes:
  • Fundraising - Proceeds are used to fund many different programs in the District, and are also deposited into the District II special account for building new playing fields.
  • Competition - The event gives District II teams and selected from neighboring Districts a chance to test themselves in a cup-style competition (as opposed to regular league play) against their peers.
To facilitate balanced competition, an attempt is made to divide large age groups according to team record, and to "seed" within groupings. Several things are important to note about this process:
  • This is not "March Madness", nor is it the NCAA soccer championships. THere is  no full-time, paid committee to consider "power ratings" or strength of schedule, in order to rank the 400+ teams and make it a perfect process.  (What's more, when was the last time there were no arguments about the NCAA's seeding?)
  • Seeding is based on past performance as well as league standings to-date.
  • Remember that teams are seeded in mid to late April, before there has been much league play.
Once the groupings and match-ups are set and the schedules created, the information is then forwarded to the individual host leagues, which must find fields (never easy) and assign referees (always a perennial challenge). Delays sometimes occur due to rain-outs, field closings by cities and park districts, scheduling problems, and plain old human shortcomings.
In virtually every league, the majority of the work falls on a very small minoriyt of volunteers. If you would like to contribute to the District Cup's success and help enhance the process - get involved!
The District II Board is committed to continuing to tackle this monumental undertaking each year to offer boys and girls a fun soccer experience, and to raise money for the District's many worthwhile programs.

 2014 District II Spring Cup - Registration

The District II Spring Cup will be held on June 7th and 8th for the U8, U9, and U10 age groups. Once again we are going to make every attempt to put ALL the 8v8 teams in Morgan HIll!! This is an AMAZING event you won't want to miss.
U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 and U19 age groups will play May 31st and June 1st.
Fields will be finalized approximately 4 weeks before the play date. 
Click here to apply now and save some moolah! After 4/15 teams will be accepted on an as needed basis.


Age Groups

 6/7 & 6/8
 U8,U9, U10
 5/31 & 6/1   
 U11, U12, U13, U14, U15,U16, U17, U19


 Age Group



 U8 thru U10    
 Early Bird - now until 3/11
 3/11 to 4/15
 After 4/15 (includes late fee)     
U11 thru U19
 Early Bird - now until 3/11
 3/11 to 4/15
 After 4/15 (includes late fee)



District II Spring Cup Past Results

Click on the appropriate link to view the Spring Cup results for the indicated year.


 2012 Results


 2011 Results


 2010 Results


 2009 Results




The Near Post

2014 District II Spring Cup

Click HERE to apply now and save! After 4/15 teams will be accepted on an as needed basis.
        Date  Age Groups
        6/7 & 6/8
 U8 - U10
        5/31 & 6/1   
 U11 - U19


Early Bird - until 3/11
3/12 to 4/15
After 4/15 (includes late fee) 
U11 - U19
Early Bird - until 3/11
3/12 to 4/15
$500 After 4/15 (inlcudes late fee)


Click on the link for 2013 Past Results.

For the list of accepted teams click here.


CCSL Spring 2014 League

CCSL Spring League registration is now open. Spring 2014 age groups are the same as Fall 2013. Applications close on February 24.  Click here to start the registration process!


District 2 team fees are $100 for U8-U19 and $250 for U11 to U19.

Teams will play a schedule of 8 to 10 games, with first games the weekend of March 29.


For more information on D2 CCSL Spring play, click here.


D2 - Spring 2014

District II and CalNorth Premier Leagues are pleased to offer your teams 2 new Programs/Leagues:


Spring Open Premier

  • U9 through U19  - Registration deadline is February 21
  • Click here for information and to register for this program.


Spring 5v5 - U7-U8

  • Registration deadline is March 9
  • Click here for information and to register for this program.


The two Leagues are designed to address the needs expressed by DOCs in the Bay Area

  • A league for the very young members of their clubs that adds the game factor to their development program - 5v5
  • An un-divided, inclusive League that crosses the boundaries of players registration - OPEN League
  •  Flexibility of mixing players in Premier level teams, of playing in more than one League event and of adding games vs. other interested opponents(i.e. scrimmage games).




District II Coaching Courses

For information about CYSA coaching courses that have been scheduled, click here.




District II Referee Classes and Fun Runs

Click here to view the dates and times when the entry level Grade 8 Referee Clinics are being offered.  This year's dates and additional information for District II "Fun Runs" and written tests for referees who are upgrading to Grade 7 or above can be found here.



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