CYSA Tournament Procedures

You MUST follow the District II tournament application procedures
You MUST use the 2009/2010 Tournament Team Application to apply to any tournament on the Tournament Calendar. The calendar continues to be updated throughout the year. Always check the tournament calendar before submitting your applications to a tournament. Carefully note the deadlines for applying.

NOTE for U9 and Younger Teams

District II supports the CYSA policy of no tournaments for team U9 and younger. Tournament applications for U9 and younger teams will be rejected. See the D2 Jamboree page for available U9 competitions.

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Application Procedures

Teams applying to CYSA-sanctioned tournaments should now submit their application and fees directly to the desired tournament. Applications no longer need to be submitted to your District II Tournament Director for processing.
Teams are allowed to apply to only ONE tournament per weekend, whether it is a CYSA, Out-of-State, or International tournament. You cannot apply to multiple tournaments on the same weekend, and wait to see which one(s) accept your team before deciding which to attend.
You may only apply to another tournament for a given weekend after being rejected from your original choice for that weekend. Teams found to have violated this policy will face severe penalties from CYSA-N.
Teams withdrawing from a tournament should also be aware that they may forfeit their application fee upon withdrawal. Please check with each tournament regarding the refund policies. In addition to forfeiting your application fee, teams withdrawing from a tournament less than 14 days before the start of play may be fined by a tournament up to $300 for a late withdrawal.
If you have any questions, please direct them to your District II Tournament Director:
Rosemary Alvarez
7234 Via Bella
San Jose, CA 95139


Submitting a New Tournament Application Following Rejection

Acceptance and rejection notices for applications received by the tournament before the application deadline will be mailed within seven days of the application deadline date. If you are rejected from a tournament and are reapplying to another one on the same weekend, you must send a copy of the rejection letter along with the second application. Failure to do this will result in a delay in the processing of the second application.

Withdrawal from a Tournament

A team wishing to withdraw from a tournament must do so in writing. The withdrawal request must be sent to the tournament director no later than 14 days prior to the start of the tournament. The withdrawing team must be able to provide written confirmation of its withdrawal request that includes acknowledgement from the tournament director. If you have withdrawn from a tournament and are reapplying to another one on the same weekend, you must send a copy of the written withdrawal request and the acknowledgement of the tournament along with the second application. Failure to do this will result in a delay in processing of the second application.



The Near Post

CCSL Fall 2017 League

Click HERE for more information about Fall CCSL.



2017 District II Fall Cup

Registration for 2017 D2 Spring Cup is now open. Click HERE to apply now - use your existing GotSoccer account.
Click HERE for more info about the D2 Fall Cup.
        Date  Age Groups
       11/4 & 11/5
  U8 - U11
     11/11 & 11/12   U12 - U13
10/21 & 10/22   U14 - U19


U8 - U10  7v7
Early Bird - until 8/28
8/28 - 9/26
After 9/26 (includes late fee) *
U11 - U12 
Early Bird - until 8/28
8/29 - 9/26
After 9/26 (includes late fee)*
U13 - U19
Early bird - until
8/26 - 9/26
After 9/26 (includes late fee)*
* After 9/26 Teams will only be accepted on an as needed basis
All fields will be announced ~4 weeks prior to play date.
Every attempt will be made to schedule all U8-U11 games at the Twin Creeek Sports Complex; all U12-U13 games between Twin Creek Sports Complex and the Morgan Hill Soccer Complex; and U14-U19 games at the Morgan Hill Soccer Complex. It will of course depend upon the number of teams that apply.





District II Coaching Courses

For information about CYSA coaching courses that have been scheduled, click here.





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