District II League Registrars

#   League Name   Registrar
 Almaden Valley YSL        
 Comp - Open
 Rec -    Josephine Fregoso
 North - Tony Johnson
 South - Tony Morin
4    Santa Cruz County YSL  Mary Ann Krein 
5    Foothill YSL
 MVLA - Karey Stoltz
 SASC  - Laurence Berbessou
6    West Valley YSL  Angie Lynch
8    South San Jose YSL  Rosemary Alvarez
9    Alum Rock YSL  Kristine Perez
10    Central Valley YSL  Ronda Wilson
11    Santa Clara YSL  Wendy Amick
13    Mt. Hamilton YSL  Theresa Fong
14    North Valley YSL  Bernice Tate
15    Orchard Valley YSL  Cathy Randall


 Rec    - Tamara Strachman
18    De Anza YSL  Tiki Tse
 19    San Benito YSL
20    El Camino Real FL  Carlos Rubio
22    Bernice Tate

The Near Post

CCSL Spring 2016 League

Team applications for the CCSL Spring playing are now being accepted. Click here for more information.



2016 District II Spring Cup

Registration for 2016 D2 Spring Cup is now open. Click HERE to apply now - use your existing GotSoccer account.
        Date  Age Groups
       6/4 & 6/5
  U8 - U11
       6/11 & 6/12   
  U12 - U19


U8 - U9  
Early Bird - until 3/1
3/2 to 4/19
After 4/19 (includes late fee) *
U10 - U11 
Early Bird - until 3/1
3/2 to 4/19
After 4/19 (includes late fee)*
U12 - U19
Early bird - until 3/1
3/2 to 4/19
After 4/19 (includes late fee)*
* Teams will be accepted on an as needed basis
U14-U19 teams:
PSATs are scheduled for Saturday 6/4/2016.
Every attempt will be made to schedule all U8-U11 games on 6/4 & 6/5 at the Morgan Hill Complex. It will of course depend upon the number of teams that apply.
All fields will be announced ~4 weeks prior to the play date.




District II Coaching Courses

For information about CYSA coaching courses that have been scheduled, click here.




District II Referee Classes and Fun Runs

Click here to view the dates and times when the entry level Grade 8 Referee Clinics are being offered.  This year's dates and additional information for District II "Fun Runs" and written tests for referees who are upgrading to Grade 7 or above can be found here.



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