District II Playing Levels

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Recreational (Division IV) Play 

The District II Recreational level involves by far the majority of the players in the district. Each year recreational teams are formed by the leagues and players are assigned randomly to the teams without the use of tryouts. All players must play at least 50% of the time throughout the season. The emphasis is placed on player development and soccer enjoyment. The use of small-sided games in the youngest age groups is encouraged in order to maximize skills development. Many leagues sponsor local recreational jamborees and fun days, which feature tournament-style of play. Recreational teams U10 and older may also participate in the CYSA-N Founders Cup.  

Developmental (Division III) Play 
District II has developmental programs that are designed for those players who have a greater interest in and commitment to advancing their skills. Players for developmental teams are chosen by the use of a tryout selection process.  Developmental teams compete in playing leagues that typically involve traveling to areas outside the team's league of registration and may include participation in a number of tournaments, including the CYSA-N Association Cup. District II developmental teams play in the Delgado playing league.

Select (Division I) Play
District II leagues have select level programs that are designed for those players who are committed to the greatest advancement and fine-tuning of their technical and tactical skills, as well as playing at one of the highest levels possible. Players for select level teams are chosen by the use of a tryout selection process. Select teams compete in playing leagues that involve traveling to areas outside the team's league of registratin and may include participation in numerous local, state, regional, and national tournaments, including the CYSA-N State Cup.  District II select teams play in the Abronzino playing league.

TOPSoccer (Division 5) Play
TOPSoccer, which stands for "The Outreach Program for Soccer" , is a community based training and team placement program for young athletes with special needs. These needs are because of a physical or mental disability that might discourage or preclude the child from participating in a sports program. The program is geared toward player development rather than to competition. Players are placed on teams according to ability, NOT by age.
A successful TOPSoccer program has the following:
  • Placement of players by ability,not by age
  • Highlighting of the players' ability rather than their disability
  • Allowing players to have a meaningful experience and to not just be a token player
  • Allowing players to achieve desired goals without assistance
Any youth player ages of 4-19 years old who has a physical or mental disability that limits his/her ability to play is eligible for the TOPSoccer program.
For more information about the District II TOPSoccer program, contact Tricia Biocini at 408.296.2860 or email tbiocini@aol.com.


The Near Post

CCSL Spring 2016 League

Team applications for the CCSL Spring playing are now being accepted. Click here for more information.



2016 District II Spring Cup

Registration for 2016 D2 Spring Cup is now open. Click HERE to apply now - use your existing GotSoccer account.
        Date  Age Groups
       6/4 & 6/5
  U8 - U11
       6/11 & 6/12   
  U12 - U19


U8 - U9  
Early Bird - until 3/1
3/2 to 4/19
After 4/19 (includes late fee) *
U10 - U11 
Early Bird - until 3/1
3/2 to 4/19
After 4/19 (includes late fee)*
U12 - U19
Early bird - until 3/1
3/2 to 4/19
After 4/19 (includes late fee)*
* Teams will be accepted on an as needed basis
U14-U19 teams:
PSATs are scheduled for Saturday 6/4/2016.
Every attempt will be made to schedule all U8-U11 games on 6/4 & 6/5 at the Morgan Hill Complex. It will of course depend upon the number of teams that apply.
All fields will be announced ~4 weeks prior to the play date.




District II Coaching Courses

For information about CYSA coaching courses that have been scheduled, click here.




District II Referee Classes and Fun Runs

Click here to view the dates and times when the entry level Grade 8 Referee Clinics are being offered.  This year's dates and additional information for District II "Fun Runs" and written tests for referees who are upgrading to Grade 7 or above can be found here.



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